First experiments with Impossible Color SX-70 Generation 2.0 film

A few weeks ago I got hold of a few packs of the new Impossible Color SX-70 Generation 2.0 film, as part of the Pioneer program. Life is busy and days pass fast, so it has taken me a while to finally try it.

Overall, I think the film does make a difference. Not only develops faster and you do not need to cover it, but the colors are more sharp. And the most important for me, the transitions between color shades and between highlights and shadows are much more smooth. 

That being said, my favourite SX-70 camera does seem to overexpose the pictures. I have known from the beginning, but I have been unable to determine whether it is the film that is not accurate, or the camera behaves funny when it comes to measure the light. The fix is easy: turn the exposure wheel a little bit towards the black part, but as this was an experiment, I decided to leave it in neutral. Therefore, I suspect my second pack will be richer in color and expression, when the images are better exposed. 

Here the results:

Portrait of Hjalte, who nicely and patiently came with me around Copenhagen trying to find a few good spots to photograph. The picture is a little over-exposed, like the other two portraits in the series. I am sure that by adjusting the camera, the images will me much more rich in color and transitions.

Georgios and Vangelis were visiting Denmark that day, so of course I took the opportunity to take a few portraits of them.

I love how these two images pair up. They are not perfect, but to my eyes they are just fantastic.