Postcards from the USA

Last week I travelled to the US for work. Luckily not everything is hard labor, there is always room for fun. Teams and colleagues are simply great. 

This time I brought my SX-70 and a couple of Impossible Film Packs again, which got to see the day light at two occasions. First, on a wonderful spring Sunday in Saint Louis, trying to be as much touristy as possible. And then during a break from our workshops in the Frankinton office. 

First stop: Saint Louis

One of my favourite places in Saint Louis is, no doubt, the Arch. Designed in the 40's and built in the 60's to celebrate the westward expansion of the United States, it is an astonishing monument that feels so modern that it could have been built today. And I can not stop looking at it. We walked around it, and we walked under it, admiring it from the Mississippi river, from the city center, and from the fresh and comforting grass. The shape, its hight, its light yet very grounded construction..

If I think about it, it is probably one of my favourite monuments in the world. If you visit Saint Louis, plan for some time in the area, and look at it as the light of the day and the city changes. If you can, take one of the tiny capsule-elevators all the claustrophobic way up to the top, and enjoy the view!

Second stop: Frankinton

Going from Saint Louis to Raleigh is somehow a big change that creeps up on you. Not only the landscape changes, but also the constructions. From stone and coloured glass, to more traditional wooden buildings. Even the typography and style of business signs! 

Sadly, we did not have much spare time to hang around. But I managed to capture a sibling picture of a polaroid I took three years ago, during my first trip to our main American site. Which one is the new one and which one is the old one?