Polaroid 100 camera packs

Wow... I knew it had been a really long time since I posted anything... but two years! I never promised frequency, but this is way too long time! 

Anyway, these days I have been a lot more active in terms of taking photos. And now even video! (Not very good at it yet, but hey, you've gotta start somewhere). 

Connecting both topics, I have published my very first video in youtube. Does it make me a vlogger? Doubt it! But at least it was a step, in terms of exposing myself and my video making skills. 

What was the occasion? A crisis.

Crises are sometimes great motivation...

My Polaroid 360 camera (type 100) got completely stuck when a white tab broke with the image still inside. Since we could not find much information on how to fix it or even how the film packs actually work, we decided to make a short video explaining it. I hope it helps someone out there!

Now you know the inner works of Polaroid Land camera film packs and how to save a problematic pack, where the white tab has ripped off.

Here you have the link to the video: