The Timeline Project

The Timeline Project is about people. About time. About how people are impacted by events that happen over time. Our personal history. The World ́s history.

While life is long and mostly filled with day-to-day activities, it is through apparently small decisions that we determine the course of our lives. Leaving a city, taking a job, moving in with someone, becoming part of something bigger than ourselves... There are only a few of these moments, and only years later we can tell them apart.

Historical events are generally more visible. The end or start of a war, changes of regime and revolutions all come in the front pages. Other events grow almost unnoticed until they have filled aspects of our lives: the technological breakthroughs, the Internet, the accomplishments of the gay movement, a female prime minister...

Even though we share time and space, we are affected differently by different events. And yet, we are all marked by the same things: big political changes, technological achievements, the birth or death of a loved one, a trip, a personal decision. A turning point.

This project tries to capture the way we perceive life, change in life, and change in people’s collective life. The portraits of people in Copenhagen are shown with people ́s thoughts on their lifetime ́s greatest events:

  • What is the most important historical event that has happened during your lifetime?
  • What is the most important event that has happened in your personal life?

Through these questions we can interpret how people relate to the time they were born in, both from a historical and a personal point of view. The collective history of the people in the city is suddenly revealed to us.

The connections between the portraits, the stories and the ages are left to the viewer.

The Styles

The exhibition is a collaboration by Thomas Boesgaard, Marianne Knudsen, Blanca Lanaspa, Evangelos Mylonas and Silvio Pereira, from the CCCP.

Each photographer used a unique style, personally envisioned for this project. Whereas some brought their models to a studio session, others took them to the streets, or even portrayed complete strangers. Several techniques were used, from instant and film photography to the newest digital equipment.

The images and styles mix to create a holistic exhibition that mirrors the same diversity we find on the subjects and their interviews.


CCCP is short for Color Climax Copenhagen Photographers, or Color Contrast Copenhagen Photographers or Climax Contrast Copenhagen Photographers... one never knows.

CCCP is driven by love for photography and international friendship. It is more than an artistic collective. It is all photo-lovers and geeks that inspire and feed each other to produce a personal vision of photography. They are strong individuals who share some common ideas.

Their members meet to discuss human nature, life, travel, and of course, photography. They come and go, but keep returning to bring new ideas and inspiration into the collective. Their work lives on the Internet and magazines; and from time to time, some members pool their creativity to bring their work to real walls.

Blanca's Timeline Project Gallery