My love for people defines me. And so it does to most of my photography. Therefore, weddings, celebrations, loving couples, cheerful families or any friendly individuals, become a golden oportunity for portraiting the best out of everybody and having some fun.

If you would like me to take pictures of you, write me an email!

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Polaroid weddings

Taking Polaroid pictures in a wedding is a terrifying but also very exciting! On one hand, the film is unstable, so you do not know how many pictures will work out. And you do not have many chances! On the other hand, you are certain that the images that do work will look amazing, and will probably become one of the most beautiful and special memories of the day. 



Expectant couples

Pregnancy moments are always intimate. Women are everlastingly beautiful and willing to share their experiences, man feel jubilant yet peaceful. All the couples shine happiness through! 

However, there is something between them that only they know about. Something that cannot be explained.

Therefore, pregnancy is also perfect to portrait the couple in a candid way, in one of the most important moments of their lives. 


Personal portraits

Special images for personal portfolios, social media, online profiles, or simply personal enjoyment! Or a nice memory!